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Carlos V. Francisco (November 4, 1912 – March 31, 1969), popularly known as Botong, was a muralist fromAngono, Rizal.

Francisco was a most distinguished practitioner of mural painting for many decades and best known for his historical pieces. He was one of the first Filipino modernists along with Galo Ocampo
and Victorio C. Edades who broke away from Fernando Amorsolo's romanticism of Philippine scenes.

His great works include Blood Compact, First Mass at Limasawa, The Martyrdom of Rizal, Bayanihan, Magpupukot, Fiesta, Bayanihan sa Bukid, Sandugo, Portrait of Purita, The Invasion of Limahong, Serenade,
and Muslim Betrothal.

He was also involved in Costume Design in Philippine cinema.

Artist's legacy

Francisco is known for his masterful landmark murals that were specially commissioned by Malacañang Palace, Manila City Hall, Philippine General Hospital, and Fort Santiago. In them he exhibited bold composition and daring juxtaposition of elements that showcased his mastery of anatomy and lush tropical color.

His masterpieces include "Fiesta" (mural) at Malacañang and its smaller study (Paulino and Hetty Que collection), "Code of Kalantiao" (private collection), "Blood Compact," "First Mass at Limasawa," "The Martyrdom of Rizal,"
"Magpupukot, Bayanihan sa Bukid," "Stations of the Cross" (Far Eastern University), "Sandugo," "The Invasion of Limahong", "Serenade," and "Muslim Betrothal."

Botong is also known for discovering the Angono Petroglyphs, which are considered the oldest prehistoric artwork. This paleolithic art consists of 127 human and animal figures that are estimated to date back to 3000 BC. Presidential
Decree 260 was issued in 1996 and declared the petroglyphs a national cultural treasure. The National Museum established a museum on its site.

He was posthumously conferred the title National Artist of the Philippines in Visual Arts in 1973. He died on March 31, 1969, leaving a rich legacy and a new generation of followers. On November 4, 1975, the town of Angono, Rizal, held an exhibit
titled "Gunita Kay Botong." The event became an annual institution and was widely followed to the point that Angono became the unofficial art capital of the Philippines.


An exhibit and book launch entitled Telling Modern Time: The Life and Art of Botong Francisco Coching was simultaneously
held at the National Museum of the Filipino People on 11 December 2009. The exhibit, which features approximately 100
works by Botong and komiks writer and illustrator Francisco V. Coching, was curated by art scholar Patrick D. Flores, who
also edited the books The Life and Art of Botong Francisco and The Life and Art of Francisco Coching.

List of Works:

Ayala Museum
500 Years of Philippine History (Study), 1952

National Library
500 Years of Philippine History, 1953

Manila City Hall
Filipino Struggles Through History, 1964

ABS CBN/ Lopez Museum
Pageant of Commerce, 1956
Harana sa Batalan, undated and unfinished
Portrait of a Lady, undated

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Harana, 1957
Sinigang, 1959
Valley, 1948

St. Paul College, Manila
Evolution of Philippine Culture, 1957

Paulino Que
Bayanihan (Study), 1962
Maria Makiling, 1960
Sinigang, 1955
Maria Makiling, 1947
Pilgrimage to Antipolo, 1960
Fiesta, 1946

Stanley Chan
Sungkaan, 1943

St. Dominic Savio Church
Crucifixion, 1960

Bayanihan, 1962

Stations of the Cross, 1956
Fluvial Parade, 1961

Helena Benitez

Esther Vibal
Kalantiao at Lubluban, 1946

Pastoral, 1938
Harana, undated
Angelus, undated
Orasyon, undated
Ifugao Mother, 1949
Under the Mango Tree, 1938
Woman and the Boy Walking Against the Wind, 1938
Study for City Hall Mural, 1959
Give us this day, 1938
Filipina with Salakot, 1930
Mestiza Española #2, undated
Colegiala, undated
Filipina, undated
Untitled (June 12), 1969
Introduction of Christianity to the Philippines

Jaime Laya
Nagmamandala, 1940
Camote Eaters, 1969

National Museum
Dreamland, undated and unfinished
Lost in the Forest, undated
First Mass in the Philippines, 1965
Introduction of the First Christian Image, 1965

Progress of Medicine, 1953

Yuchengco Museum/RCBC Building
Bayanihan, 1961
Maria and Enrique Yuchengco, 1953
Courtship Ritual, 1937
Planting in the mountain, 1954
Blood Compact (Sandugo), 1964

Malacañan Palace
Muslim Feast, 1947
Pista sa Nayon, 1947
Blood Compact (Sanduguan), 1936

Station of the Cross # 3
Station of the Cross # 5

Credit Manila
Tahanan, 1932
Nagluluto, 1933
Pastoral, 1933

Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Cojuangco
Mag-Inang Namimingwit, 1935
Pounding Rice, 1949
Harana, undated
Mangingisda, undated
Raha Sulayman, 1966
Orasyon, undated
Katutubong Sayaw, 1966
Si Maganda, undated
Pilgrimage to Antipolo
Man and woman in salakot
Man and woman dancing
Apat na Alas
Sandugo sketch

Mrs. Imelda Marcos
Little Girl in Pink, 1940
Hunting, undated
Nose Flute Player, undated
Pasyal, undated
The Building, undated
Ang Magbubulig, undated
Camote Diggers, 1969
Ang Mangingisda, undated
Folk Dance, undated
Harana, undated
Ligawan, undated
Magbabayo, undated
Mangingisda, undated
Pastol, undated
Patanim, undated
Mutya ng Pasig, 1968
San Clemente, undated

Dr. Solita Camara-Besa
Cielito Lindo, 1949
Makagutom Hills, 1949
Kaingin, 1945
Santo Domingo Ruins
The Threshers, 1950

Mr. and Mrs. Neal H. Cruz
Kaingin, 1955
Islanders Coasting Talim, 1955
Merienda sa Bukid
San Clemente Fluvial Fiesta, 1955
Harana, 1950
Parol, 1950
Puto Bumbong, 1950
The Flight, 1950
View of a Convent No. 1 (Laguna?), 1950
View of a Convent No. 2 (Laguna?), 1950
View of a Convent No. 3 (Laguna?), 1950

Marital Bliss, 1948
Tuba Harvest, 1948
Nanongan at Lam-ang, 1961
Wedding, 1962
Moriones Festival, 1963

International Tobacco Corp.
Small Town Scenes, 1958-1959

Phil. Commercial Int'l Bank
Madonna of the Bamboos, 1962
Francisco Balagtas, 1964
Man Carrying a Shoulder Bag, 1963
Man Wearing a “Salakot”, 1963
Juego de Anillo, undated

DRB Marketing Corp.
The Language of Folk Dances, 1957-1960

Insular Life Assurance Corp.
Sa Pula, sa Puti, 1950

Juanito Cruz
The Critic, 1960

Don Bosco Technical College
Via Crucis, 1960

Maritess Pineda
Bayanihan, 1960
Camote-Pickers, 1960
Lovers Playing the Nose Flute, undated
Mariang Makiling, undated
The Flight to Egypt, undated

Sto. Domingo Church
The Life and Miracles of St. Dominic, 1954

Jose L. Guevarra
Balon ng Sta. Lucia, Taal, 1967
Taal, 1967
The Church of the Virgin of Kasaysay, 1968
Landscape, 1969

Leandro Locsin
Camote Eaters, 1946
Pilgrimage to Antipolo, 1960

Edilberto Bravo
Amihan, 1946

Jun Gonzales
Code of Kalantiao, 1947

Prudential Guarantee Assurance, Inc.
Hermana Mayor, 1959

Fort Santiago
Dr. Pio Valenzuela Visits Rizal in Dapitan as Emissary of Andres Bonifacio, 1960
The Execution of Dr. Jose P. Rizal, 1960

Eleuterio Pascual
Si Malakas at si Maganda, 1960
Flight to Egypt (?)
Phil. Folk dances
Four men
Mother and child (mountain)
Tahanan (?)
Costume design (woman)
Juan Tamad at Juan Masipag costume design
Costume design ( 2 men)
Costume design (woman)
Costume design (woman)
Costume design (woman)
Costume design (woman)
Costume design (man-Bruhilda's court)
Costume design (man)
Costume design (man)
Costume design (king)
Costume design (man)
Costume design (man)
Costume design (man)
Costume design (woman)
Costume design (woman)

Mr. and Mrs. Luis Yulo
Si Malakas at Si Maganda (Putok sa Buho), 1947

Arturo Rotor
Camote eaters, 1952

Dr. Gregorio Lim
Merienda, 1958

Loyola Life Plan
Muslim Betrothal,1958

Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
Bayanihan, 1961

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Tupaz
Portrait: Jose J. Tupaz, 1963
Portrait: Mrs. Petronila C. Tupaz, 1962

Anding Roces
Portrait: Anding Roces, 1964

Antonio Tuazon
La Jota, 1962

Roman Cruz
Pinipig, 1969

Atty. Jose Francisco
Progress in Philippine Education, 1964

Mariano Lao
A Young Sultan, 1956

Severina Asis
Fluvial Festival, undated

Private Collection
The Flutist, 1939
Angelus, 1940
Gate of an Old Mansion, 1947
Wedding Scene, 1958
Gethsemane, 1958
Arrival of Our Lady of Antipolo, 1955
Young Girl, undated
Bangyad, 1956

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