AUSTRIA, Antonio



"Mahalan" by Antonio Austria 22" x 11.5" Acrylic on Canvas 2011



"Self portrait" 21.5" x 15" Oil on Canvas 2006 SOLD


Subjects in his composition are from the elite to the ordinary, the urban and the rural: fortune-tellers, vendors, sari-sari stores, jeepneys, folk games, fiestas. Short and squat with flat, tubular limbs and stubby hands and feet clearly defined his human figures. His approach with the use of space stems from a passion for visually naming the objects of the material world covering the entire field with elements of different shapes and colors rather than from any obsessive need to fill up vacant space.

He is born on 5 May 1936 in Shanghai, China. His parents are Pedro Austria and Lucila Gilbuena. His married to Tarcilla, and they have two children, Paolo Caesar and Thea Maria. He taught teaching painting in his alma matter, University of Santo Thomas.


Has joined several exhibitions
Locally: Luz Gallery etc.
Abroad: Saigon etc.

Awards for Magpapalayok (Clay Pot Vendor), Taniman (Fields), The Carver, Halamanan (Garden), Sari-sari (Variety), Magtanim Hindi Biro (Planting is No Joke)

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