ACUÑA, Ivan  


"Metalscape Series" 42" x 54" Acrylic on Canvas 2013 SOLD




"Metalscape Series" 18.5" x 58.5" (Quadtych) Acrylic on Canvas 2013 SOLD




"Metalscape Series" 42" x 54" Acrylic on Canvas 2013 SOLD




Ivan was Born in Manila, August 23, 1968; studied Fine Arts at the University of The Philippines and attended art workshops in Brisbane, Australia. His greatest influence is Philippine National Artist Jose Joya. As a youngster he used to visit classmate’s house who incidentally was son of famous photographer Dick Baldovino and Nephew of Jose Joya. From then on he has wanted nothing else but to be in the Arts.

His paintings can be proudly compared with the works of Willem De Kooning and Joan Miro who have also been his greatest inspirations. Although has been painting since the 80s. He started his career as a professional photographer before becoming one of the Philippine's favorite contemporary artist.

Acuña paintings propelled after world renowned Interior Designer Budgi Layug, began dealing his artworks in 2001. From then on, several architects and designers such as Gil Cosculuela and Anton Mendoza have continuously been using his in their projects in the Philippines and abroad. He is a non traditional artist who prefers his artworks to be seen at collaborated works of designers rather than in art galleries.

His art works is set apart from others by the fact that his clientele come from different cultures from all over the world. This only proves his are with an international taste and appeal.

Through the years he has had more than a dozen shows and exhibits. His more popular shows include the unprecedented one man, sold out event at Prestige Motors BMW in Makati last 2004 and this year’s Rustan’s Essences Show at upscale Rustan’s, also in Makati. Currently his artworks are showcased in Livinstone in La Cinega Blvd. in West Hollywood, California.


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