xander calceta

"Still Life" 18" x 21" Oil on Canvas 2014 Php 25,000 BUY



"Landscape" 24" x 36" Oil on Canvas 2012 Php 30,000 BUY



"Still Life" 12" x 12" Oil on Canvas 2012 Php 5,000 BUY



"Still Life" 16.5" x 11.5" Oil on Canvas 2011 Php 6,500 BUY


Xander is a visual artist whose medium is oil and acrylic painting. His approach is a blend of contemporary impressionism and traditional naturalism. But recently, he explores other techniques and approach like those of modernism by experimenting  and combining classic art into modern to create fusion art. 

His art signature is X N D R, dropping the vowel letters of his name. He retains this signature for modern and fusion arts. But recently, in classical approach of his works, he changes his art signature into a complete letter name of xander, not to confuse that the same artist touches that canvas.

Xander is a self-taught artist. Some of his works can be seen here locally and in abroad.  He is teaching paintings in private tutorials and workshops. 


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