DALENA, Danilo




"Opening (Jai-Alai Series)" 48" x 36" Oil on Canvas 1996 SOLD




Danilo Echavaria Dalena (4 Jan 1942) made his mark in the early 1970s with his caustic political cartoons and illustrations for the Free Press and Asia-Philippines Leader as it raised the standards of editorial art in the country. He also did a series of highly realistic toilet and graffiti drawings in 1972. He has produced series of paintings depicting folk costums and lifestyles in the city. When he returned to his hometown in Pakil, Laguna he has found new artistic inspiration in folk costums and lifestyle depicting its festivities.

Some Awards

  • Second prize for Rizal Monument, Luneta in the on-the-spot contest of the Shell National Students Art Competition in 1964
  • from the Art Assocaition of the Philippines
    • First prize for Tres-Seis Dejado in 1974
    • Fourth prize for Alibangbang in 1979
  • Grand prize for his Jai-lai as Metaphor in 1980
  • Named one of the Thirteen Artists by the Cultural center of the Philippines in 1972



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