LAMARROZA, Prudencio



"Xandra I" 18" x 12" Pen and Ink 2007






















1946 Born July 24 in Ambalayat, a barrio of the town of Tagudin, Ilocos Sur, the youngest of five children of Eugenio Lamarrosa, a rice miller, and Eladia Leal. Nicknamed "Amor" from his second given name, Villamor.
2000 Selected as one of the "Thirteen Painters for the 21st Century" by Sikat Books. The essay on Lamarroza was weritten by Anthony John R. Riblis.
2001 Held one-man exhibit which broke new ground: "Landscape in Memory" at the Metropolitan Gallery.
In his essay written for this catalogue, Edgar B. Maranan found it obvious, looking at Lamarroza's new landscapes, "that while tiny wisps and strips of whimsical color manage to find their place in the serene topography of his fields and mountains, the general atmosphere evoked is certainly not of the pastoral, but one of closely observed quotidian existence in the countryside or hinterland, detached without being remote, with just the subtlest of foreboding and even a note of disquiet. There is not the cheery airiness or radiance of classic impressionism, but rather a more subdued, somber-hued view of the rural scene, its rotes and its seasons."
2002 Held a special collection of his pattern paintings on the last week of July (until August 4) at Gallery Nine, SM Megamall. 
In his review of the show, Johnathan Libarios Rondina, writing for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, contended that "His (Lamarroza's) compositions have often been described as surreal, but Lamarroza's fields of dreams can also be viewed as extraterrestrial landscapes, the artist's own private vision of Eden, an expression of hope and possibilities for a worls that can still be, as much as they are remembrances of things of things and places past"
2003 Visited parts of Asia, Europe, United States, and South America, often with the Tan Family and close friends.
2004 Began his series of "organic" drawings.


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