"Golden Harvest" 24" x 24" Oil on Canvas 2000 SOLD




"Man and Woman Riding Carabaos" 72" x 30" Tapestry 1977 SOLD


MAGSAYSAY-Ho, ANITA CORPUS (b. Manila 25 May 1914). Painter. She is the daughter of Ambrosio Magsaysay and Armilla Corpus. She is married to Robert Ho. She studied at the University of the Philippines (UP) School of Fine Arts under Fabian de la Rosa, Vicente Rivera y Mir, and Fernando and Pablo Amorsolo. She also studied at the School of Design under Victorio Edades and Enrique Ruiz. From there she proceeded to the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, USA, While in the United States, she affiliated with the Art Students League in New York where she took courses in oil painting, graphics, and figure sketching.

Her work of the 1970s showed the artist exploring a new style influenced by Chinese calligraphy, and a secondary quasiwriter atmosphere. While her subjects were still the native women, she randomly spattered her canvases with delicately controlled ink blots which suggested rock formations, vegetation or waves in the sea. Her concern had evidently become purely formal: balance the interest and variety of the human gestures and movements with the dynamic and assertive power of the ink blots.

A distinct period in the mid late 1980s may be called the Green Period after its predominant coloration. The predominant green is the hue of leaves, fruit, and vegetables; the women figures themselves share this quality symbolically as they themselves become like plants and fruit in nature. The physical type of her sisterhood is now clearly defined: the oval face with high cheekbones and narrow eyes, brows softly curving up to the temples.

In the late 1980s Magsaysay Ho began to paint large half figures. She filled the pictorial field entirely with female figures surrounded by baskets, fruits, or tame birds hopping around them. In place of spontaneity and lightness which characterized her earlier period, her figures and forms acquired solidarity of mass rendered in a highly refined manner. Her colors became very Asian, using stark contrasts such as burnt sienna and yellow greens.

Magsaysay Ho won second prize for Five Senses in the 1950 Manila Grand Opera House Exhibition. She won second prize for Fish Vendors in the second watercolor exhibition of Graphic Arts in 1952. Her awards from the Art Association of the Philippines include: first prize, The Cooks, 1952: second Prize, Fruit Vendors, 1953, third prize, Mending the Nets, 1959; first prize, Two Women, 1960; and second prize, Trio, 1962.

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