"Forms in Space I" 24" x 24" Mixed Media on Canvas 2007 SOLD



Raul’s works depicts nature and landscapes
in their starkest forms utilizing bright and
muted colors and silent compositions that
invite one to bask in their tranquility.

As a young man, he took up Art Education at
the University of Santo Tomas and the Philippine Women’s University where he honed his talents. His frequent travels served to heighten his techniques and passion for the visual arts in which he became known as the texture builder. His works influenced the young artists of today in terms of using different textures. His works often reflect the panorama
of the countries he has visited in abstract forms of expression. His pieces now adorn galleries in the country and the Asia Pacific Rim.

High points in his career include his nomination as one of twelve emerging artists in New Zealand and two-year scholarship in
Australia from the Victoria Art Council. Piedra was also a finalist of the Philippine Art Award, twice Art Association of Philippines Juror’s Choice 1992-1995 and the second prize winner in the recent Cebu Arts Festival Body Painting Contest held at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino last September.


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