SANSO, Juvenal



"Still Life" 21" x 29" Acrylic on Canvas 2008 SOLD




"Heat a Light" 20" x 31" Acrylic on Paper SOLD
























Juvenal Sanso was born in Reus, Catalonia, Spain in 1929, but moved to Manila five years later, where his family established El Arte Espanol, a wrought-iron business. The young Sanso spent his boyhood in Paco and had many wonderful memories of halcyon days swimming in the Pasig River and family outings to Montalban in Rizal.

The blond and blue-eyed young Sanso learned to speak Tagalog fluently and freely mingled with boys his age, forming many lasting friendships, with Henry Sy, foremost among them.

It was an unusual childhood for Sanso but as Nick Joaquin said “There were other things to remind him that he and his family were ‘different’. They didn't go to church; not only that, the children didn't go to school either. They were tutored at home. And though there were other Spaniards in town, the Sansos did not associate with them, being anti-Fascist.”

Major Awards and Distinctions

Juvenal Sanso has won critical acclaim all over the world but of all the accolades he has chalked up in his illustrious career, he cherishes most the awards given by the three countries that have been home to him. Among these are:

The Presidential Medal of Merit, awarded by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to Juvenal Sanso on May 20, 2006. It is the most prestigious award given by the Philippine government to an artist for his invaluable contribution to visual arts in the country.

The Distinguished Cross of Isabela was awarded to Sanso by the Spanish King Juan Carlos on January 8, 2007. The award was given in recognition of his exemplary work across national boundaries. It is akin to a knighthood or to the Member of the British Empire given by the Queen of England.

The Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres was conferred on Sanso on February 26, 2008 by the Ministry of Culture and Communications of the Republic of France.

Sanso's works are in the following Collections


Museum of Philippine Art
Cultural Center of the Philippines
National Museum, Manila 
Ateneo Art Gallery, Manila  
Musee d Art Moderne, Paris
Cabinet des Estampes de la Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris
Collection de la Ville de Paris
Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Madrid
Smithsonian Institution, Washington
Rosenwald  National Gallery, Washington 
Library of Congress, Washington D.C. 
National Collection of Fine Arts, Washington D.C.
Metropolitan Museum, New York 
Museum of Modern Art, New York, 
Brooklyn Museum, New York 
New York Public Library 
Baltimore Museum 
Achenbach Foundation, San Francisco
Chicago Art Institute 
Cleveland Museum of Art
Philadelphia Museum of Art
San Francisco Museum 
La Jolla Art Center, San Diego
Rosenwald  National Gallery, Washington 
Rhode Island School of Design Museum
Allen Museum, Oberlin College
Princeton University
Yale University, New Haven




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